FlexiConn Video

Based on the Neutrik D® series cutout, our in-stock FlexiConn series connectors add increased flexibility to all FMCA and TC series floor boxes, AW series wall boxes and FP series wall panels, without the extra cost and lead time of a custom panel. Many additional connectors can be special ordered, often with no added incoming freight charge.

Additional panels are available to accommodate active devices, and barrier separated AC power.

The FlexiConn series offers the simplest and most elegant solution for most low voltage applications. For applications that need additional consideration, please consult our website, or contact us directly, and let us configure a solution that meets your needs.

VGA-D HD15 feedthru F-F SwitchCraft® EHHD15FF

HDMI-D HDMI 1.3 Feedthru Neutrik® NAHDMI-W

RCAS-YE-D RCA solder-type, yellow

RCA-YE-D RCA phono bulkhead feedthru, yellow

RCA-RE-D RCA phono bulkhead feedthru, red

RCA-GR-D RCA phono bulkhead feedthru, green

RCA-BL-D RCA phono bulkhead feedthru, blue

RCA-BK-D RCA phono bulkhead feedthru, black

FVID-D F-type video bulkhead feedthru

SVID-D S-video bulkhead feedthru

BNC-D BNC bulkhead feedthru

BNCR-D BNC, recessed feedthru Neutrik® NBB75DFI